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Who do you want to be: an Archeologist or an Architect?

How to handle your past to create your authentic self

During a workshop with the brilliant Katy Grennier (DSIL) together with Akin Asia, the question came up: Are you an Archeologist or an Architect in your life?

This is an excellent metaphor for our engagement with life.

The archeologists dig, dig, dig until all the pieces make sense, although sometimes it takes far too long to find them or even they get lost in completing the puzzle. There is hardly any end to the digging...layer after layer more and more information come up. It's super interesting and even satisfying to make sense of the past. It informs a lot who we are right now. And yet: we don't build anything new with that. It feels like a dog running after its own tail.

Let's look at the architect now.

Thanks to the experience of the past, the architect let go of it and free the mind to the infinite possibilities that the future holds. And here starts the design in this very present! A real project that develops according to her knowledge, skills, talent, creativity, interests and so on, in a nutshell: according to her unique brilliance.

What a rewarding experience to build something new, something you care about, something you deeply desire.

The architect is a free spirit and honours her talent by letting go of the fears, with the courage to believe in herself and show what's possible to the world.

Who are you? And more importantly, from now on who do you want to be?

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