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Uncomfortable = growth

What's your challenge to expand your potential?

Which is the place where we are more uncomfortable?

That's exactly where we can find the most growth and learning.

Let's challenge ourselves to brake the walls of our own limitations and expand our space for action.

For me is order and preparation.

I struggle to invest time in rehearsing, going through all the details over and over again, checking accurately all the details. And the reason is that I can rely on my point of strength: improvisation!

But it doesn't always play at my favour.

Lack of preparation equals anxiety and procrastination.

To challenge myself I've become the president of the Capital Toastmaster group in Bangkok and I sign up for as many speeches as possible.

Here's another challenge for myself: I've now put it out here and I know that whoever reads my blog is going to help me being accountable for my goal.

I invite you to share your challenge and use me to keep yourself focused and accountable.

What's your challenge?

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