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a dimension of infinite possibilities

What is transition? why does it matter so much as to become a coaching definition?

I tell you why: because it's a space where magic happens.

When we are in a transition we are not in the past anymore and the future is not clear yet.

Transition is when we are on the bridge between 2 lands.

The one we are leaving has accomplished its purpose. It's still an attractive land and very tempting to go back to, but deep inside we know we are not growing anymore.

The land on the other side is full of excitement, promises, possibilities. There is also insecurity, uncertainty, doubts, a bit of apprehension, even fear if the land is too challenging.

While on the bridge of Transition, there is the time and space for preparation: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

There is the opportunity to go deeper and explore how to be fully ourselves and engage with the next phase in the most authentic way.

Obstacles will become just circumstances to tackle on the way and won't be amplified by our own personal limitations. We'll be free to show up with all our mighty, confident that we will find the right solution when the time comes as long as we are home with ourselves.

Transition is a magic space.

It's where we feed our whole person with the energy needed for memorable life adventures.

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